What Is Auxilium

The Auxilium System

The patient identification system that speeds up access to NHS patient records

The Auxilium System

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What is Auxilium?

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Emergency Services

The Auxilium System will speed up access to key NHS patient records, which may help the Ambulance Services respond more effectively to emergencies

Readers Access

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The Elderly & Families

The Auxilium System could also help the elderly and their carers, families with children and people requiring a higher level of dependence


The Auxilium System provides a safe and secure online database that provides important information about you to the Emergency Services or First Responders in an Emergency situation

…when you can’t!

An Auxilium Number for yourself or your family cover costs just £1.00 per year 

The ambulance have spotted the Auxilium Number and radio to the Emergency Operations Centre, where they are able to obtain relevant information held on the Auxilium System database.